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Summer Styles 2014: Charles Silk Boys Christening Outfit

Summer is in full swing! Between swimming, popsicles and bike rides, we’re busy adding some great new summer styles! First up is our fabulous Charles Silk Boys Christening Outfit: Made from 100% silk dupioni, giving it a rich pearl white shade. The robust design features a classic shirt collar, cuffed sleeves, and legs with covered button accents. The lightweight fabric, short sleeves, and legs are perfect for summer weather. This two-piece set includes the silk boys Christening romper and matching beret style hat. Snag this dignified outfit for your handsome little gentleman this summer!



{Charles Silk Boys Christening Outfit Details}

To complete the look we suggest: our Monogram Sleeveless Bodysuit, our Triple Roll Socks, our Silk Booties and our My Christening Day Bib in silk.

How to fly with toddlers

From the Trenches: How to Fly with Toddlers

Recently we took our 4 kids, (9 yrs, 4 yrs, 18 months, and 3 months), on a trip to visit family. The trip included 6 hours on a plane, including a 2 hour layover in between flights. I was desperate to find activities for my 18 month old.  I went to the wonderful world of Pinterest to search for genius ideas on how to fly with toddlers, as well as asking advice from friends and family.

First- this was one of our FAVORITES!  Super simple and inexpensive.  I purchased fun buttons and a sandwich container.  I cut a hole large enough for the buttons and kept the buttons in a bag in the container to pull out when we were ready to play.   He loved placing the buttons in the hole and this activity saved us from a few melt downs.


I found this activity at a local book store.  It came with many different color shoe laces and a few different boards to thread.   While my 18 month old didn’t quite enjoy this like I thought,  my four-year old loved it.


This was the best one yet!   My friend had this in her church bag and when I saw it I knew I needed it as well.    This was super simple and an ingenious idea.

Take a spice jar with the larger holes on top, and cut pipe cleaners to fit the length of the jar.

  My 18 month old loved this.  He would pull out all the pipe cleaners and put them in one by one.


Last but not least, this snack kit that I found on Pinterest was awesome.  Even the flight attendants stopped to look at them and commented that they wanted some for themselves on long flights.


I packed a few sweet snacks but tried to keep it healthier by packing crackers, jerky, nuts, and granola bars.   You want more high protein snacks to help have fewer melt-downs.

Since our trip I have used these ideas at church and it has helped tremendously to keep my little ones quiet and entertained.

What things have you tried?

Caleb Boys Christening Gown

Boys Baptism Outfits: Caleb Christening Gown

Have you browsed our boys Baptism outfits lately? We have a great selection of Christening gowns that are perfect for your bouncing baby boy! Our Caleb Christening gown is designed with both comfort and style in mind. Made from a light-weight cotton fabric (that is machine washable!), it’s a smart summer option. The masculine bodice features a classic pointed shirt collar, bold pleats and covered buttons. The heirloom-length skirt is finished with a lush, thick hem. A cotton slip and simple visor bonnet tops off his handsome look. What a great traditional outfit for your little guy!


{Caleb Christening Gown | Boys Baptism Gowns from One Small Child}


Angel’s Look: Christening Gown and Accessories

Meet Angel! This adorable little girl is the daughter of one of our wonderful seamstresses. She recently celebrated her Christening and we had to share her big day look with you! Take a look at this gorgeous baby girl in her one-of-a-kind Christening gown and accessories!


Our seamstresses put together a custom Christening gown for little Angel that is similar to our Kate gown. The beaded lace over-dress is stunning atop the luxurious pearl white dupioni silk. We love the cap sleeves and sumptuous silk ribbon tie. Angel’s custom accessories included a pair of silk slippers featuring ostrich feather plumes and a lace and feather headband. She also chose a bonnet, bib and blanket (with pretty pink embroidery) with the same lace and silk to match her gown . Under her dress, angel wore our butter-soft camisole bodysuit and a ruffled cotton slip.


Get Angel’s Christening Gown Look

To get Angel’s Christening day look, we recommend: the Kate Christening Gown with our Day-Length Bouffant Slip and Bamboo Camisole Bodysuit underneath. To accessorize, we suggest our Preslee Lace Headband, Preslee Christening Slippers, Preslee Bib and Preslee Blanket with embroidery. If you like the longer gown length, try our Preslee Gown.

Photography by Baron Photography


Christening Bibs: Cross Ruffle Bib for Baby Girls

So, you’ve just put your little princess in her luxurious gown. All her buttons are done up and you successfully tied the perfect bow with the satin sash in back. She looks gorgeous, and you can’t resist pausing to soak up the moment. …Then she spits up. Moment over. It’s all over the bodice of her beautiful dress. There you are, wiping it off her gorgeous gown, wishing you would’ve packed a bib. We’ve been there. Your baby is in the spotlight (in the most adorable little outfit) and this is the last day you want to deal with baby’s breakfast on his shirt. That’s why we offer several Christening bibs made especially for baby’s big day. Quality crafted for boys and girls, each bib is lined with a soft, thick cotton flannel. Made from the same four fabrics as our event outfits, they match any of our gowns, dresses or outfits perfectly. No need to ruin baby’s look on her big day-our Christening bibs are as fancy as the clothes they protect!


{Today we’re highlighting a ruffled cross embroidered bib shown in silk. This lovely, functional bib is the perfect Christening accessory!}

William Silk Christening Gown

Silk Baptism Gown: 3 Ways to Wear Our William Convert-a-Gown

Looking for a traditional silk Baptism gown for your little man, but longing for the style of a modern gentleman? Get the best of both worlds with our William Gown!

The William christening gown is made from luxurious dupioni silk and features simple styling and a lavish heirloom length. Silk covered buttons decorate the visor hat. Fabric pleats and braided trim adorn the bodice and hem. We love the beautiful simplicity this gown offers and we know you will too!

{William Silk Baptism Gown for Boys}

{Combine the William gown with our Charles, Samuel or Brakkin outfits for a formal after the christening look!}


One Small Child Tribute: A Heart-Warming Father’s Day Quote


I Love You Dad

What can you say to someone who has always been

One of the most essential parts of your world,

Someone who took you by the hand when you were little

And helped to show the way?


What do you say to someone who stood by to help you grow

Providing love, strength and support

So you could become the person you are today?


What can you say to let him know that he’s the best there is

And that you hope you’ve inherited some of his

Wisdom and strength?


What words would you say if you ever got the chance?

Maybe you just say, I love you Dad

And hope he understands.

~Vince Crispaul

{Wishing you a wonderful Father’s Day from One Small Child.}

Serenity Star Giveaway | Electronic Feeding & Sleep System at One Small Child

Win a Serenity Star Sleep & Feeding System: June Giveaway {Closed}

Our June Giveaway in our 30th Anniversary Series features an amazing product that definitely belongs on the must-have list of all new moms:

Serenity Star Electronic Sleep & Feeding System by Aden + Anais

Serenity Star Giveaway | Electronic Feeding & Sleep System at One Small Child

The Serenity Star is a workhorse in disguise, offering a multitude of functions that are guaranteed to add convenience to any newborn’s nursery:

  • It’s pretty cute for a clock, I have to say…displaying both time and room temperature.
  • It is a feeding diary, keeping track of when baby eats through the day and night, as well as what side was nursed!
  • It’s a nightlight, sending out a beautiful soft glow that won’t disrupt Baby’s sleep, but makes it easy for you to see your way around the nursery at night.
  • It monitors room temperature, glowing red when temp is higher than optimal, and blue when temp is colder than you want.
  • It offers four sound settings that can be played continuously or set with a timer: white noise, mother’s heartbeat, and two sweet lullabies.
  • It’s portable, can be plugged in or operated with batteries.

If you are a new mother or mama-to-be, or know someone who is, this is a GREAT prize, an $89.95 value. Hope you win! {smile} Also, stop by our Baby Accessories | Gear category to see more items we love for new babies!

Serenity Star | Nursery Essentials at One Small Child

Entry Information

It’s SO EASY to enter: simply leave your name and email address in the form below. Giveaway ends June 28th at 11:59 pm mountain time. Earn additional entries by:

-following @onesmallchild on Instagram: comment on this post with your username
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{Giveaway terms and conditions}

Baby Name Bracelets | One Small Child Jewelry

One Small Child Jewelry: Baby Name Bracelets

Looking for a charming baby gift? Our personalized baby name bracelets are a splendid gift for baby! Each bracelet is hand-crafted when you order from quality materials. With sterling silver, Swarovski crystal birthstones and freshwater pearl beads, our bracelets are made to last.  A sterling silver extension chain allows room for growth and comfort. Choose a cross or birthstone charm to make it individually special for your child. And these aren’t just for girls. Our simple silver name bracelet looks handsome on little gentlemen! With five size options to fit babies and children up to age 10, big sisters and brothers won’t be left out. Get matching bracelets for all the children in your family! Gift these elegant accessories at Christenings, birthdays, holidays or as a new baby gift. (What a great way to tell apart twins!) Choose from four styles to fit everyone’s individual personality. Each is the perfect accessory to complete baby’s (and big kid’s) look!

Baby Name Bracelets | One Small Child Jewelry

{Rose Pearl Name Bracelet}

Baby Name Bracelets | One Small Child Jewelry

{Silver and Pearl Name Bracelet | Birthstone Name Bracelet}

Baby Name Bracelets | One Small Child Jewelry

{Simple Silver Name Bracelet | Rose Pearl Name Bracelet}

Display baby’s beautiful name bracelet in our White Bracelet Display Frame.

Meg's LDS Baptism | Food Ideas

OSC Family Friday: Meg’s Baptism

Meg's LDS Baptism | Eight Years Old

{Miss Natalie LDS Baptism Dresses}

This girl recently celebrated a special day: she reached the age of eight years old and chose to be baptized and become a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. This is a big deal for her, so she invited her grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends to attend the service and come to our home afterwards to enjoy a few of her favorite treats. It was such a pleasure to have so many loved ones in our home!

Meg's LDS Baptism | Buffet Table

We’ve talked a lot about planning a christening or similar event on this blog, and I have to make a confession right here: this all came together at the last minute…because that’s how I roll. I utilized the same process, just smashed all the prep work into the day before. And while I don’t necessarily recommend taking on huge amounts of stress the day before a meaningful gathering, it worked for me because I tend to keep things fairly simple. {grin}

The menu selected by Miss Meg was as sweet as she is: chocolate chip cookies, vanilla cake, and root beer floats. I threw in some yummy ham-pineapple-cream-cheese-roll-ups for a touch of savory to go with all the sugar. I wouldn’t call it a balance, but it definitely took the edge off, and those babies disappeared fast!

Meg's LDS Baptism | Food

This cake comes with a bit of a story. Because it was the last minute, I ended up ordering a cake from our local grocery store: vanilla cake with simple white frosting and pink lettering. When I picked it up, the lettering was…really awkwardly done. Grrr. I considered my options on the fifteen minute drive home, determined to make it work. When I arrived, to my DELIGHT, I found that if I was very careful, I could pick the lettering off the cake without any major damage. Pinterest supplied me with an awesome buttercream recipe, and I free-handed this simple design in nothing flat. It’s not perfect, but for me it was good enough. And yummy! (In case you’re wondering, CTR stands for Choose the Right.)

Meg's LDS Baptism | CTR Cake

A sweet flower arrangement rounded out the preparations, and gave the table a pulled-together look that I loved.

Meg's LDS Baptism | Flowers

Meg's LDS Baptism | Centerpiece Flowers

Meg's LDS Baptism | Food Ideas

All in all, it turned out to be a lovely day filled with the things that matter most: faith, family and friends!