March 2014

Month: March 2014

Miss Mallory | Flower Girl Dresses at One Small Child

Flower Girl Dresses 2014: Miss Mallory Dress for Girls

We don’t talk much about our flower girl dresses at One Small Child. We have a great line of dresses and accessories that are perfect for the pretty girl who precedes the bride. There’s something about seeing that precious little girl walking down the aisle. Maybe it’s the promise of her future; the hope that she’ll be walking her own aisle one day. Maybe it’s the way you can tell she feels like a princess; all dressed up with all eyes on her…

Crystal Hair Snaps | Flower Girl Accessories at One Small Child

{Our Crystal Hair Snaps look stunning in special occasion up-dos.}

Miss Mallory | Flower Girl Dress at One Small Child

{Today, we’re showcasing the Miss Mallory flower girl dress. Only $46.00!}

Miss Mallory Flower Girl Dress | One Small Child

Miss Mallory | Flower Girl Dresses at One Small Child

Miss Mallory at One Small Child | Flower Girl Dresses

We do know she’ll feel extra special and look absolutely beautiful in any of our dresses and accessories, just like these girls did!

Bath Time Gift Tote | Easter Gift Basket

Baby Easter Baskets: One Small Child Gift Sets

Spring is in the air at One Small Child! We’ve been having so much fun, we decided to keep it going with some adorable baby Easter baskets! We have several gift sets for your little one this year. Each offers a different assortment of toys to amuse, lovies to snuggle and books to inspire. Most sets are ready to give in fun totes or suitcases (the giraffe set comes in One Small Child packaging). Tote sets come personalized with baby’s name. From our Aiden and Anais sets for newborns, to our bath time kit for bouncing babies, we’ve got you covered!

Aiden and Anais Boy Gift Tote | Easter Basket for Baby Boys

{Our Aiden and Anais Gift Sets are available for boy and girl–perfect for a newborn’s first Easter!}

Aiden and Anais Girl Gift Tote | Easter Basket for Baby Girls

Lamb Gift Tote | Easter Gift Basket

{Our Lamb Gift Tote makes a classic spring gift for baby boy or girl!}

Bella Owl Gift Set | Baby Easter Baskets

{Bella Owl Gift Set}

Bennet Owl Gift Set | Baby Easter Baskets

{Bennet Owl Gift Set}

Bath Time Gift Tote | Easter Gift Basket

{Our Bath Time Gift Tote makes a perfect Easter basket! All those ducks are adorable!}

Dinosaur Gift Set | Baby Easter Baskets

{Dinosaur Gift Set}

Finn & Emma Girl Gift Set | One Small Child

{Finn + Emma Girl Gift Set}

Giraffe Gift Set | Baby Easter Baskets

{Giraffe Gift Set}

Monkey Gift Set | One Small Child

{Monkey Gift Set}

These babies love our gift sets, and we know yours will too!

Giraffe Gift Set | One Small Child

Bath Time Gift Tote | One Small Child

Bennet Owl Gift Set | One Small Child

Dinosaur Gift Set | One Small Child

Get more gift ideas here!

Skye Slip Baby Easter Dresses | One Small Child

Easter Dresses for Babies: Spring 2014

According to the calendar, Spring is officially here! After a long, hard winter, it’s exciting to think about warm days ahead. We’re so looking forward to pretty green foliage, birds chirping, and babies in sweetly colored dresses. Speaking of babies in sweetly colored dresses, we’ve got three new styles of Easter dresses for babies for this year:

Baby Easter Dresses 2014 | One Small Child

Madeline Baby Easter Dress

Madeline Baby Easter Dresses | One Small Child

Our Madeline Easter Dress is made from luscious pale pink silk with a luxurious embroidered lace overlay on the skirt. Pure silk ribbon sash is finished off with a handmade silk rosette pin at the waist. Bonus: the pretty headband is included.

Skye Baby Easter Dress

Skye Baby Easter Dresses | One Small Child

The lovely Skye Dress is a two-piece outfit featuring a softly ruffled ivory lace over-dress with a silk slip in an incredible shade of turquoise-blue reminiscent of a robin’s egg. Bonus: the slip can be worn alone, making this a versatile wardrobe piece! Don’t forget the darling matching slippers, sold separately.

Skye Slip Baby Easter Dresses | One Small Child

Ruby Baby Easter Dress

Ruby Baby Easter Dresses | One Small Child

Off-the-charts-sweet, the Ruby Dress has a bit of a retro vibe with a shorter length to show off a darling pair of pink silk bloomers. Our pretty beaded floral lace kisses the sleeves & waist to add a touch of sparkle. You can choose to have the little back-seat of the bloomers embroidered with Baby Girl’s name or monogram to take the adorable-factor over the top! Our pink silk Ruby Slippers are sold separately for a perfect match.

Twinkle-Flower-Headband | Baby Girl Headbands

Baby Girl Headbands: Spring Accessories

Spring is here, which means warmer weather is well on its way! Today we thought we’d round up some delightful baby girl headbands that stay cute and comfortable on a bright, sunny day. Each one is made with a light-weight (and lovely) lace or silk band. No more hot, sticky headbands for your bouncing baby girl! Whether paired with her fancy Easter dress or a favorite onesie, these are the perfect spring accessories!

Pink-Carnation-Headband | Baby Girl Headbands

{Pink Carnation Headband}

{Rose Bow Headband}

{Carnation Halo Headband}

Satin-Touch-Of-Pink-Headband | Baby Girl Headbands

{Touch of Pink Headband in satin}

Silk-Touch-of-Pink-Headband | Baby Girl Headbands

{Touch of Pink Headband in silk}


{Twinkle Flower Headband}


{Silk Bow Headband}

Looking for more? See all our baby girl headbands here.

Birth Story Photography | Heather

Mom Talk: Heather’s Birth Story Photography

We’re excited to introduce a new series of posts on the OSC Blog: Mom Talk. Every mother has a story. Every day. Good, bad, adorable, not-so-adorable…we’ve all been there. So let’s share!

Birth Story Photography

First up is Heather, who recently gave birth to her third child…a long-awaited sister to two big brothers. Heather, a professional photographer, has a beautiful sense of style and is very thoughtful when it comes to details in every aspect of her life. As she was preparing for this baby girl, it was only natural that photographing the blessed event would be on her list of must-dos. She graciously shares these thoughts:

“Having a child can be such an amazing experience. The only downfall to it all is that I am always too loopy to really remember much of what is going on or see all the details of my new baby since I am in a bed across the room, or worse in another one completely. I cannot express how much this session means to me and my family. Having [my business partner] Kayla there to photograph the things that I was unable to see was amazing. She was able to capture my kids in the hall building Legos, the anticipation of all my loved ones, and was there to capture Miss Penelope’s first moments into this new world. At the time I felt pretty aware of what was going on, but after I was able to see the images…..I would have missed sooo many great moments without those images to remind me. It was amazing and I am so grateful to have such a good photographer as a business partner and friend. I recommend anyone having a child seriously consider having a professional photographer there to capture some of the most cherished memories you may ever have.”

Birth Story Photography | Heather

Birth Story Photography | Heather

Birth Story Photography | Heather

Birth Story Photography | Heather

Birth Story Photography | Heather

Birth Story Photography | Heather

Birth Story Photography | Heather

Birth Story Photography | Heather

Birth Story Photography | Heather

Birth Story Photography | Heather

Christening Photography: Free Printable Checklist

We’re here to talk about Christening Photography today. It is so important to capture the sweet memories of special events like your baby’s christening, because they only happen once! No mother ever regrets having a good photographer or lots of pictures. To help you determine which things are most important to you, we’ve put together our checklist of must-haves to capture.

There are two types of sessions to consider for your christening photography: a portrait session, and an event session.

The Portrait Session

You’ll want to schedule the portrait session separate from your event. With tons of guests to entertain, and a venue to prepare, you’ll be way too busy to think about capturing the precious moments of the christening day. We recommend taking the following pictures either before or after the event. If taken before, it might be a fun idea to display them as  dinner table décor on the christening day.

A portrait session can be any setting that is special to you-or several ones. Photos in baby’s nursery offer a personal feel, while photos in a studio are very formal and classic. Outdoor shots are a great way to document what season the event took place in. Photos of the church and chapel can be a beautiful addition to your book of remembrance as well. Be creative! Whatever you choose, it’s important to consider your setting and go for something of significance to you and your baby.

Whether indoors or outside, formal or informal, add these shots to your list:

  • Christening invitation
  • Getting dressed:
    • outfit on hanger/bed/dresser
    • baby in underclothes
    • buttoning outfit
    • tying bows/belts/ties
  • Baby with Mom & Dad, individually and together
  • Baby with siblings
  • Full-length shot of baby in christening outfit
  • Detail shots of baby in christening outfit
    • head-shot with hat/headband
    • hands with bracelets, etc.
    • feet with shoes, socks, etc.
  • Detail shots of the christening outfit: whatever makes the outfit special and beautiful
    • headband/hat
    • lace/trims
    • accessories: shoes, jewelry, etc.
  • Detail shots of venue (as allowed)
    • chapel
    • font/water
    • candle, shell
  • Baby with bible
  • Baby with rosary

We recommend including the venue shots in the portrait session if possible. It will be easier for the photographer to set up great detail shots of the chapel and ceremonial items (the stained glass window, the water, the chapel ceiling, etc.) without all the guests to work around. You’ll want her focus on the actual ceremony during the event.

Dressing Baby | Portrait Ideas for Christening, Baptism, Blessing at One Small Child

Ivory Lace Rosette Headbands | Baby Hair Accessories at One Small Child

Clancey Silk Christening Coats for Boys | Winter Christenings at One Small Child

Tallie Christening Dresses & Headbands | One Small Child

Tallie Christening Dress & Headband | One Small Child

Christmas Christening Family Portraits | One Small Child

The Event

You’ll want to hire a photographer to capture all the moments of the christening as well as the post-ceremony dinner or reception. Keep in mind (and let your photographer know) that you’ll want to document the event as if you’ll be showing your best friend who could not be there.

Make sure you don’t miss these moments:

  • Greeting guests at the church
  • Ceremony (as allowed):
    • officiator reading from bible
    • baby being passed to officiator
    • officiator blessing baby
    • candle burning
    • baby in water
    • drying baby
    • officiator blessing family
    • candid photos of baby and guests (grandma’s smile, etc.)
  • Group shots after ceremony:
    • baby with Mom & Dad, individually and together
    • baby with Godparents, individually and together
    • baby with siblings
    • baby with grandparents
    • baby with everyone!
  • Candid photos of baby and guests during post-ceremony dinner/reception
  • Dinner/reception décor

Be sure to add your own creative ideas to the list!

Snowflake Cross Christening Cake | Winter Christening Ideas at One Small Child

Ginger Ale with Raspberries | Winter Christening Food Ideas at One Small Child

{All photographs by Paisley Studios}

We’ve included a free Christening Photography Checklist printable to help ensure that you won’t miss a moment! You can download it here.

Download checklist here.

Did we miss anything? … Share your christening photography ideas in the comments below!


Venise Cross Bible: First Communion Gifts for Girls

We are all about gifts that keep giving…and your girl will be sure to cherish this pretty little Venise Cross Bible for years to come! This pocket-size New Testament is covered with glowing white satin, a pretty lace cross, dainty lace ruffles, and a satin ribbon closure. Perfect to present to her for a Christening or First Communion. Take a look at it in action:






What little girl wouldn’t love a bible that is fun-size, just like her?! Check out more First Communion Gifts for Girls at One Small Child.

These camisole bodysuit slips are so cute! | One Small Child:

New: Cami Slips for Your Baby Girl

How wonderful is it when we find something that simplifies our lives? Well, we have come up with something that will do just that–our new cami slips! They combine baby’s bodysuit with her slip, so there’s one less layer to worry about on her special day. How convenient! Take a look!

These camisole bodysuit slips are so cute! | One Small Child:
{Our Cami Slips are available in two styles: the bouffant cami slip (left) and the lace cami slip (right)}

Pretty lace cami slip for a baby girl! | One Small Child:

Adorable bouffant bodysuit slip for baby girl. Love the headband! | One Small Child:
{We love our cute Twinkle Flower Headband (right)}

Lovely lace onesie slip for baby girls from One Small Child |