August 2011

Month: August 2011

Make It Work: My Notebook

So, it’s a busy life, yada, yada, yada. I try to keep track of it all in my handy-dandy brain, I mean, notebook. My notebook contains To-Do lists, phone numbers, shopping lists, project ideas, inspirational thoughts, and random bits of information I must not forget.

I’ve tried a lot of different notebooks over the past few years, and the perfect size/style for me is a 5 x 7 spiral-bound book. Always on the lookout for cute, inexpensive options, I found this monogrammed version in a dollar bin at a local craft store, and thought I’d give it a try, despite the lack of a spiral binding. It lasted approximately two weeks before pages began falling out. Boo.

I only paid a dollar for this notebook, but I have this thing about keeping my thoughts and lists together, and didn’t want to give up on my little book without trying to make it work. I started thinking about ways to bring it back to life. “Hmmm”, I thought, “I could see if I could have it bound at the local library or print shop”.  Then I remembered that I only paid a dollar for this book. Really, should I put another several dollars into a binding? That seemed wasteful.

But how to punch holes in the spine? I know! My sister-in-law had a nice, sharp looking bead reamer (read: tiny awl) that might work. I dropped by her house to try banging it through the stack of pages. The dainty reamer was no match for my book: fail. (Note to self: I owe her a new reamer.) I headed home and kept noodling the problem. And then, in the midst of a pile of laundry, I had it! I ran to my hubby’s drill bit kit, and sure enough, the smallest bit was the *perfect* size! So here’s how I made it work:

Drill holes in spine as desired (I didn’t pre-mark my holes, but you might want to if you’re particular about even spacing and all that):

Thread a large needle with heavy thread, and sew that binding up:

Voila! My notebook is now functional and cute to boot…no more lost pages!

Do you have any make-it-work ideas? I want to hear/see them!

Third Day of School

Third Day of School

The bus came ten minutes earlier than expected on Monday (our official first day of school), so I did not get our traditional first-day snapshots for my older two children. I was slightly frustrated at the time, but looking back, I’m totally okay with it, because today is also a milestone: the official start of Kindergarten. The first day I send all three of my darlings out the door at the crack of dawn.

And there you have it: the end of an era. I’m crying and jumping for joy at the same time…motherhood is full of absurd contradictions. {grin}

August Campout

August Campout

One of the highlights of summer at our house is *the* annual August campout. This year we met with eleven other families in beautiful Challis, Idaho (one of my favorite places on the planet). The Challis Hot Springs Resort is nestled between a gorgeous mountain range and the powerful Salmon River. The campsite is lovely, the hot springs are heavenly, and the company, well, it’s pretty great.

We spent four days playing with cousins. Activities included rock-painting, hammock-swinging, croquet, food (the best part!), lots of chatting, swimming, bicycles and ATV riding.

The only sad part: when it’s over, so is summer.

Christening Dress

Your Christening Gowns: Jessica’s Baby Girl

Christening Dress

“I just wanted to take a moment to share some of the photos from my daughter’s Baptism on May 22nd. I received so many compliments on her dress. A couple of people even asked if it was an heirloom. She looked absolutely spectacular in the dress. I cannot say enough how happy I am with the purchase. I only wish she could wear the dress more often. I do hope to preserve the dress so maybe someday my granddaughter will look just as stunning in it as her mom did.”  ~Jessica

Closer Look

Looking Closer

I was going through the photos on my camera card the other day and ran across a large (LARGE)  number of images I did not shoot. 9-year-old Jessa has been sneaking Mom’s camera and snapping close-ups featuring various in-and-out-of-focus flowers, clocks, wall-art, her brother, the cat, power poles, trampolines and sunsets.

My first impulse was: Sigh…There are a lot of pictures of nothing here…I don’t really have time to slog through them all…Where am I going to store them?…How many should I keep?

And then I looked closer.

Sure, there were a lot of throw-aways. But there were some amazing photographs in the bunch. (The image above is unedited: straight-out-of-the-camera.) They told me something about the world she sees through her eyes, the details that catch her attention, the natural artistic talent she possesses. And my feelings changed from mild exasperation to profound gratitude for the glimpse I gained into her, and for the opportunity to be part of her life.

The experience reminded me of something I truly believe: there is joy to be found in everything around us. Sometimes a closer look is all you need to see it.

Christening Gifts: Check.

You’re invited to a christening in three weeks, and you have no idea what to bring for the little guest of honor. Moreover, you have zero time to fit in a gift-hunting expedition.

Never fear–One Small Child is here! Our carefully selected collection of gifts and accessories for baptism & christening is full of appropriate & elegant options. From a practical silver-plated cross pacifier clip to a precious keepsake piggy bank, you are sure to find the perfect offering for that sweet baby’s special day. Even better, every item ships within two business days*, which means you can have it in hand within a week, give or take a day or two.

So, take a look at that never-ending to-do list and feel the sense of satisfaction as you write: Christening gift – check.

*with the exception of the personalized lullaby CD and the personalized keepsake box, which each ship direct from other manufacturers.