September 2010

Month: September 2010

Lillian Lace Christening Gown

Plan Your Christening: 9 Steps to a Day You’ll Never Forget

Congratulations on your new (or soon-to-be) bundle of joy! Somewhere in the jumble of emotion, change, and busy-ness that is the first year of your baby’s life is a once-in-a-lifetime event: your baby’s christening or blessing.

The timing of your christening or blessing is largely up to you and is influenced by family circumstance, tradition, and religious affiliation. Whether you are blessing your newborn or baptizing your 18-month child, the planning process is the same. Here’s a basic checklist to get you started:

2-12 months before event:
Step 1-When:
Contact the church or clergy member you wish to perform the ceremony. Determine what paperwork/preparation is required. Set a date.
Step 2-Who: Decide who you want to be in attendance. Who do you choose as Godparents to watch over your child’s religious instruction? Who do you want to stand in the blessing circle? Do you want a large or small gathering? Determine how many guests you will have.
Step 3-Visualize: This is the fun part! Will you have an all-inclusive at-home event, an intimate post-ceremony gathering at a restaurant, or a gala bash at a local reception venue? Whether simple or luxe, you need to consider what you want when it comes to location, decor, food, favors, music, clothing, and photography. Depending on who you want to work with, you may need to book services many months in advance.

1-2 months before event:
Step 4-Invite:
Order (or create) and mail christening invitations or simply make phone calls to those with whom you want to share this experience. Be sure they know when and where to show up!
Step 5-Shop: Ooh! Another fun part! {wink} Find the perfect christening/blessing gown or outfit, or make arrangements for a custom-made or family heirloom garment for baby’s special day. Don’t forget to plan clothing for siblings and parents!
Step 6-Portraits: Schedule a portrait sessiontrust me, you don’t want to not have photos of your baby in his/her precious outfit! Whether you go for a formal studio session or a natural-light gig, have a list of shots you want the photographer to capture. If possible, allow enough time to have framed prints to display at your event.

2 weeks before event:

7-Finalize: Tie up all loose ends…check in with venues, food providers, photographers, etc.

Day before event:
Gather up everything you’ll need for the big day: baby’s clothing and accessories, items to be used in the ceremony, cameras, decorations, etc. Pack the diaper bag. Press or steam baby’s finery as well as your own outfit.

Day of event:
 Take a deep breath and enjoy the companionship of your loved ones in celebration of this blessed day!

Bamboo Layette Set

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A Confession, a Rescue, & a Giveaway

Confession: I’ve been a bad portrait mom. As much as I try to keep up with everything, between work and home and family, one of the casualties of this busy life has been the ritual of sit-down, formal portaits of my children. Fortunately, I’m blessed with some serious photographic talent in my family, so we have actually shot random portraits, but until recently, I haven’t followed through with printing/framing/hanging very well. This makes my mother-in-law crazy, but she still loves me. {wink}

Why does the above confession matter? The holidays are fast approaching, and I decided that for Christmas this year I would like to create small photo books for each of my three kiddos chronicling the first year of their lives (because I’ve also been a bad scrapbook mom). I started sifting through digital files and quickly pulled together sweet little books for my younger two, then realized I didn’t have much on file of my darling first-born. How does this happen? Well, the short answer is: the digital camera we had when she was little is so archaic the files had to be specially converted, and somehow over the years, we’ve lost a lot of images. (Back to that printing problem I’ve already explained.) Boo.

This morning Grammie came to the rescue! She dropped by with an external drive filled with portrait sessions of my babies, sessions I had completely forgotten. One of those sessions included this image of my sweet little one in her original version of our Jessa blessing dress. Phew!

So this whole episode got me to thinking: do you have similar experiences? Do you find that some things you’d like to do fall by the wayside in the crush of busy-ness and responsibility that is the life of a mother or grandmother today? I’d love to know what those things are…and that I’m not alone in not having *everything* as together as I’d like.

Just for fun: all those who join in conversation in the comments section of this post before 10 p.m. (Mountain Time) Wednesday, September 15th will be entered in a random drawing for a $25 gift certificate to One Small Child. One entry per person, but feel free to converse away!