June 2010

Month: June 2010

Christening Celebrations

Christening Celebrations

No doubt about it, when it comes to planning your christening or other special occasion, there is a lot to think about! Personally, I find myself easily overwhelmed at the idea of putting a big event together, and the perfectionist in me feeds the procrastinator…which turns into its own vicious cycle. {wink}

If you’re like me, the best place to begin is to take a bit of time and think about what is most important to you, envision how you want this special day to look and feel, find some inspiration (like these photos from Christi at P is for Party!, who featured this absolutely gorgeous christening and adoption celebration) and then make a list of the details that are most important to you. Figure out your time frame, make a budget and an actionable checklist and dig in! Enlist the help of willing family and friends, do what you can do, and most important, remember to relax and enjoy your special day.

When it comes down to it, the activities and events you plan are closely tied to tradition. Each family and culture has its own style of entertaining and celebrating special events. The amount of planning and preparation involved in these gatherings is directly proportional to that style and covers a broad spectrum. Is your style impromptu, no-frills and laid-back or formal and elegant with minute attention to detail?

Camisole Bodysuit

Giveaway: It’s Getting Hot Out There!

Finally! Warm weather is here, and I couldn’t be happier. I’m loving sleeping with open windows, feeling sweet, gentle breezes on my skin, and picnics with my kiddos.

To celebrate, we’ve decided to offer a giveaway for one of my all-time favorite products: our sleeveless infant bodysuits! I put my last baby in them, and have to tell you that it was a sad day for me when she grew out of them. These  fit perfectly under anything and provide that little touch of coverage you need for diapers and covering the gap between a warm day and a cool evening…and maybe it’s just me, but I always had that cutie pie riding on my hip, and wrapping my arm around a onesie-clad body was a lot more comfortable than a clammy naked torso. {wink}

We offer styles for both girls AND boys…winner gets their pick of THREE plush pima cotton bodysuits. Leave a comment to enter. For additional entries, you can follow us on Twitter, or join us on Facebook…just drop a comment here to notify me of your add. This giveaway will end on Thursday, July 1st at 10:00 pm MDST.

And enjoy your summer, mmmkay?

photo credit: Paisley Studios

Silk Christening Gowns

Your Christening Gowns: Jaime Lynn

I ran across this sweet photo this evening, and had to share!

“My baby, Jaime Lynn, looked so beautiful in your gown. I received so many compliments. Most importantly she was comfortable. She wore it for hours and even took a nap in it and it was so pretty. I would definitely recommend your company again. Thank you for helping me choose a gown and shipping so quickly.” -Laura M.