May 2010

Month: May 2010

Johnny Overall Christening Romper

New Style: Johnny Christening Outfit

Boys First Birthday Outfits

Brand new: classic “Jon-Jon” styled shantung suit is comfortable, cool, and ALL BOY! The soft cotton shirt is cut in a bodysuit style, so no bulky undershirt flaps and bunches beneath the overalls, and a jaunty visor beret hat finishes off the look with plenty of personality! This returnable made-to-order item is available in seven sizes from Newborn to 24 months and ships within one week of your order.

Your Christening Gowns: Gianna Bella

Beautiful Gianna Bella’s mother, Monica, shares her One Small Child experience:

“I had previously written in regard to returning the Baptism dress that I had ordered for my daughter, Gianna Bella. Although it was beautiful, I was being pressured to let her wear a family gown. As I went to pack up the dress to return, I was just so impressed with the quality and beauty of the dress! I couldn’t return it. My Gianna Bella was perfectly dressed for her Baptism, in your gown! She was dainty, innocent, and oh, so pretty! Thanks for a superior dress! I will always recommend your site!!”


My family gathered this past weekend to celebrate the blessing of a precious, long-awaited baby. It was fabulous to be together, to feel the spirit of the occasion, to laugh and reminisce and play. These are truly days we remember.

Interestingly enough, we talked about that–the remembering component of celebration. My ever-thoughtful sister pointed out that ancient civilizations instituted celebrations to mark significant religious, political and cultural events (think the Children of Israel and the Passover, etc.). They knew this was the way to instill in themselves and their children the importance of what happened.

Today it is the same: celebrations are our way of reminding ourselves and teaching our children about what is truly important to us, about things we want to internalize and remember for life. I hadn’t thought of it exactly that way before, but truly, the things I remember most clearly in my life are linked to celebrations, which in turn speak about the beliefs and values by which I live.

What celebrations have had a lasting impact or meaning in your life?

photo credit: Paisley Studios