June 2009

Month: June 2009

Braeden Knit Christening Outfit

Your Christening Outfits: Colin

Little Colin looks handsome as can be in his Braeden knit christening outfit! His mother, Karen, said:

“Just wanted to pass along photos of our little man’s big day. Thank you so much for the speedy shipping…the outfit got to us in plenty of time! Colin looked great and the outfit fit beautifully. Thanks for being a part of such a special day for our family!”

P.S. We’re out of stock in all but two sizes of this little outfit…we’ll have more next summer!

About Fabric

Shopping for christening gowns and baptism outfits online has its advantages (convenience of 24/7 shopping, large selection of styles and and sizes) and disadvantages, one of the biggest being that you can’t actually *feel* your selections before ordering them. We get that!

To offset that challenge, we’ve provided detailed descriptions of the fabrics we use in each garment. To find this information, just look under any listing’s description.  It will be in the star bulletin named “Fabric”.  You can also get a detailed description of each fabric by going to our fabrics description page. The fabric will be listed in columns, along with a short description of the textile.

In addition to the information found on each page, we proudly offer an unparalleled return policy with no re-stocking fees!

Allie Wade

I spent an afternoon helping my mother and sisters clean out my parents’ basement last week. It’s always an adventure to sift through stacks of memorabilia…they bring so many reminders and smiles. When everyone was busy elsewhere,  I took a moment to crack open some of my mother’s old journals. (shhh, don’t tell anyone I was slacking!) It was fun to read some of her thoughts and daily activities as a new wife, and later, as a mother running her own business. She’s an amazing woman, I’m so glad she took a few moments out of her day to record what was happening in her life.

Anyway, back to the purpose of this post, in the process of cleaning out, Mom found this photo and brought it to me, saying, “I didn’t know I had this picture! This is Allie Wade!” (Allie is in the center, surrounded by her four daughters, one of whom was my grandmother.) It was a treat for me to see…I never knew her, but in this photo, Allie looks just like I remember my grandma. I wonder how much they were alike.

I may not have known her, but Allie Wade has had a significant impact on my life, through my grandmother and my mother. Though she never knew it, she has been a part of special occasions for thousands of children all over the world–every garment we make leaves our facility bearing her name, and along with that name, a hope that her legacy of love will extend to all.

Tess Silk Christening Dress

Featured Product: Tess Silk Baptism Gown

Tess Silk Christening Dress

This little day-gown (meaning it is long enough to cover baby’s feet, but not as dramatically long as heirloom-length gowns) has always been one of my favorites. It’s simple, made from ultra-luxurious Indian silk dupioni, with enough sweet touches of pink to make it truly unique. The Tess baptism gown is available in seven sizes, from newborn to 24 months, and is hand-made in our facility. Check it out today!