June 2008

Month: June 2008

Silk Natalia Christening Gown

Your Christening Gowns: Baby Hannah Rose

Natalia Silk Baptism Gown

Susan, Hannah Rose’s mother writes,

“…no one else puts the tender love, care and detailing into sewing like you! The christening gown you made our second daughter is the most beautiful I have ever seen, and it is perfectly adorable on her!

Our daughter was christened back East to continue an almost 280 year tradition at our family’s church. It was quite an affair. We recently moved to the West Coast from the East Coast. My christening gown was too small to continue the tradition. I had much difficulty finding a long beautiful, handmade traditional styled christening gown with long sleeves. Most department stores have too few selections and not very pretty.

I purchased the “Ava” dress from your One Small Child website… Everyone asked if the christening gown was an heirloom. Needless to say, it is now. Thank you so much for your attention to details in style, great customer service and your kindness.”

Note: Our Ava dress is no longer available, however, please see our Natalia gown for something similar–pictured above

Lillian Lace Christening Gown

Your Christening Gowns: Baby Victoria Elizabeth

Lillian Christening Gown Collections

Little Victoria Elizabeth’s mother, Amy, writes:

“My daughter Victoria Elizabeth just got christened this Saturday, and she was wearing the Lillian gown. I never imagined that a christening gown could be so beautiful. Everyone mentioned that they never saw one as pretty as this one, and they asked where I got it. I never thought that the netting and the embroidery would be so soft. It reminded everyone of a baby wedding gown. The bonnet was breath-taking. The detail that went into the bonnet and the dress was amazing. I didn’t realize how much detail there was put into the dress from the picture. I was extremely pleased and proud to have my daughter in your gown. Keep up the great work…you made me a very happy and proud mom.”

Ivy Toddler Dress

Your Christening Dresses: Little Madison

Madison’s mother, Michelle writes:

“I just wanted to thank you so very very much for the beautiful gown. I couldn’t find a christening dress in my daughter’s size and I am so happy I found your site. The ‘Megan communion dress’ looked so beautiful on my daughter and I received so so many compliments on her dress. It is made beautifully and the detail was unbelievable.”

The Megan dress is no longer available, but we have a new toddler christening dress (picture above) in sizes newborn to 4T at One Small Child.

Miss Danielle First Communion Dresses | Portrait Ideas at One Small Child

Your Communion Dresses: Gillian

 Miss Danielle First Communion Dresses | Portrait Ideas at One Small Child

Jo Ann wrote this kind note in regards to the Miss Destiny communion dress she purchased for her grand-daughter last year:

“Thought you might like to see a picture of one of your dresses on a First Communicant. Gillian made her Communion on May 19th, 2007 and, of course got “oohs” and “aahs” on the dress. One mother was overheard to say to another: ‘That’s the Destiny Dress.’ She was the only one with that dress out of 150 children and wore it again at the request of the pastor at her ‘Second Communion’ the next Sunday along with the other children. Her mom was very impressed with the way the dress was packaged when received. She said it was like ‘opening a present!’ Thanks for helping make her day special.”

William Convert-a-Gown with Brakkin Christening Romper

One Small Child Customer Reviews

We’ve been selling dresses for a long time…twenty-five years, in fact! Over the years, we’ve interacted with literally thousands of people. I’ve said it before, we love feedback, and it’s true. We have the best customers.

Of course, we like the positive comments…you should see the bulletin board on the wall in our customer service department. It’s covered with photos and christening invitations and kind notes from thoughtful customers. In addition, we’ve devoted an entire page on OneSmallChild.com to customer comments. Ooooh. I love our customers.

Lest you think we only like the nice things people say, we actually really appreciate not-so-positive feedback as well. As hard as we work to get everything right, we’re human, Murphy’s Law kicks in every once in awhile, and we have a hiccup. Our philosophy is that the best way to get rid of our hiccups is to respond to each issue as it arises, do our best to make it right and then implement strategies to eliminate future occurrences. So thank you for bringing areas in need of improvement to our attention!

Anyhoo…the point of this post is to let you know how much we appreciate comments…if you’d like to know how people feel about our company, you can view the results of our BizRate post-sale surveys here.