30 Years of One Small Child: Our Photographer Then and Now

Once upon a time, there was a little girl whose mother started a tiny company, making beautiful dresses. She often went to work with her Mama, spending countless hours playing amidst sewing machines, patterns, huge rolls of fabric and piles of lace waiting to be gathered into yards and yards of ruffles. When she was big enough, she spent many hours in front of the camera, twirling and posing just so.

First Communion Dresses | One Small Child Throwback Thursday

{One Small Child First Communion Dresses, circa 1991}

Throwback Thursday: vintage first communion veils www.onesmallchild.com

{We’ve done a lot of different things in 30 years!}

One Small Child Throwback Thursday: early nineties Victorian style girls dresses www.onesmallchild.com

One Small Child Throwback Thursday: vintage country girl dresses www.onesmallchild.com

Today, she’s behind the camera, watching the light, checking her settings, and asking her subjects to twirl and pose just so. (Some of these subjects happen to be her own darling daughters. Also, this image might be a sneak peek for next week!)

Behind the scenes at One Small Child's First Communion 2014 Shoot www.onesmallchild.com

{We love you Kayla!}

Paisley by Kayla Commercial Newborn Photographer

{Commercial Photography by Paisley Studios}


  1. Wow, this brings back SO many memories! I can remember every moment from all of these pictures. Lol, the western dress I am so hiding my right hand behind me do to the fact that my finger was wrapped up from the stiches on my finger from farming with dad!! You can see it in the second pic ;) I love being a part of One Small Child!! I am glad that I picked up the photography verses sewing. [seeing as how I am allergic to sewing, from the countless hours of being around it!] Thanks for the Throwback Thursday!!! LUVS!!


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